Monday, July 25, 2011

Stepping Stones Through PSP

I was taking training Lessons at SSTPSP witch stands for Stepping Stones Through PSP, learning PSP X3.

It's not easy, I didn't realized all the paths tricks & stuff there was in the Sabra world, just to one program.

Even with Graduate I have a long ways to go. lol

You can only turn in 3 a day 7 days a week, the least is 1 lesson a week, After each step you Graduate you get a certificates, thats there name: Stepping Stones.

I have Graduate and received all my Certificates for PSP, Filters, Plugins and Animation Training. 

I will be going into Tubing & Scrapkits next.

I have been starting to learn Posters also.

Here are my certificates & there Logo:

Here are my certificates for Filters and Plugins:

Here are my certificates for Animation:

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  1. This is so awesome hun!! I got to step 3 and had family issues.Dont know if they are going to let me have the two weeks I asked for or not! I loved the way you have done the blog and cant wait to see what you will do. Keep in touch hun!!

  2. Thank you Queenie,

    The PSP Training will let you take time off.

    When I had surgery on 3 of my Dogs they gave me one Month off, so It will take me longer to get through the rest of the Classes. lol

    It's a lot of fun!

    After Step 4 you can join there [SSTPSP-OurRetreat] so I went ahead & joined it. lol

    I have learned to make Brushes, etc. I will be posting everything I make here for FREE.

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