Monday, July 25, 2011

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In time, I plain to have a lot more PSP Stuff, as I can work it all in.

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Stepping Stones Through PSP

I was taking training Lessons at SSTPSP witch stands for Stepping Stones Through PSP, learning PSP X3.

It's not easy, I didn't realized all the paths tricks & stuff there was in the Sabra world, just to one program.

Even with Graduate I have a long ways to go. lol

You can only turn in 3 a day 7 days a week, the least is 1 lesson a week, After each step you Graduate you get a certificates, thats there name: Stepping Stones.

I have Graduate and received all my Certificates for PSP, Filters, Plugins and Animation Training. 

I will be going into Tubing & Scrapkits next.

I have been starting to learn Posters also.

Here are my certificates & there Logo:

Here are my certificates for Filters and Plugins:

Here are my certificates for Animation:

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Up Date ......

Tag's I have done.

Arthur Crowe (Animation) Papacito "Freedom"

This is the first time to use any of my License.
My first Tut but I did it my way, added the cannon with the fire and lots of other stuff. lol

Arthur Crowe (Animation) Christian Exclusive & Summer Break "One Glimpse"
Arthur Crowe Christian Summer Break Aletha
 I Won second place, my first time to entry a Contest & my second tag I have made with my License, had a ball playing with my New Hot Arthur Crowe Exclusive Tube. I did it on my own with out a Tut. lol
Contest entry: PTE Group, Judge: Arthur himself.

Arthur Crowe (Animation) "Bite Me Damon"

I Won first place, my second time to entry a Contest & my third tag I have made with my License, Loved playing with Damon.
I did it on my own with out a Tut. lol
Contest entry: Arthur's, PTE Group, Judge: Arthur himself.

Arthur Crowe-Bite Me Damon-Up dateTag Aletha

I updated this one added alot more frames. lol

Denise Pauline "Find A Cure"


I made this one for Denise, her Tube Find A Cure.

Roman Zaric (Animation) "BabyDoll BCA"

Made this for a Contest at PTE, didn't win. lol

Flitters "Princess"

Made this with Flitters Tube Princess.

The Hunter (Animation) "Steampunk Christmas"

Made this one for Hunter, This is he's Mojito Tube.